5 pool cleaners for different needs

In the SCP catalogue, you can find 5 new pool cleaners for different needs. They have been selected from the best pool robots made.

Two robots from Maytronics

The Zenit60, an exclusive device, uses the manufacturer's full range of technologies (a connected robot, active brushes, Clever Clean technology, etc.).
The PROX7 offers professional cleaning quality for commercial swimming pools.

A vairiety of brand

The Vektro AUTO by Kokido, with its stainless steel filter and lithium-ion battery, works without plugging into an electricity supply.

Robot Vektro Auto by Kokido


Then there's the H2O model by SuperPool which plugs into the filtration system, even on a low flow. It's fitted with the Smart Track system which reduces the wear and tear of rollers, while its V-shaped movement ensures it can completely clean a pool measuring 12 x 6 m in under 3  hours.

Robot H2O by SuperPool


Finally, the TRIVAC500 by Hayward works with the power of a booster. It's fitted with 3 venturi jets so it can suck up all types of debris, as  well as a  wide suction mouth. It's equipped with patented AquaDrive® technology.

robot TRIVAC500 by Hayward