The Naturalis brand commercialized it's semi-grounding pool all over the European market, throughout various partners and partnerships. This RP Industries brand was born in Braga, Portugal, in 2008. Inspired by the DIY concept, Naturalis gained expression and fans all over Europe, especially among the French people.

The reasons for the success of this brand are its quality and durability of the used materials. Also, the diversity of lengths and heights, the ease to build and to transport, short assembly time (which requires very little labor), the wide range of accessories and the long guarantees, makes Naturalis the right choice for a semi-grounding pool.

These types of pools can be installed on a small terrace or corner of the garden, preferably in a space with good sun exposure and, simultaneously, protected from prying eyes. The concept consists of a set of pre-fabricated pieces that can be assembled by anyone.

The method of production and delivery of Naturalis is improved and suitable to any point in Europe. These features make this solution an extremely durable and resistant pool, especially in regions with challenging weather conditions.

The structure of this pool resembles wood, but it is really concrete. The wood appearance is dyed in the concrete. And the waterproofing is ensured by a liner coating. These pools are equipped with filtration and circulation systems, ensuring all the conditions of comfort and well-being necessary for its users.