Among its products for swimming pools, EMEC presents its main innovation: the integrated POOLBRAVO system, an all-in-one solution, enabling to instantly manage the main parameters for the treatment of swimming pool water in order to optimize the dosage and use of chemicals.

Easy to use, very precise, it eliminates the need to manually intervene for pool water and reduces the use of chemicals.
Its elegant cover makes it a system suitable for any type of installation.  Besides protecting against accidental loss of liquid, POOLBRAVO preserves at the same time the cleanliness of the internal components and their integrity.

This turnkey product can be configured according to the customer's requirements to immediately manage two of the main parameters for water treatment in swimming pools. The chemical measurement parameters that can be controlled include: pH, Redox (Redox), chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, turbidity, conductivity and bromine.

In addition, POOL BRAVO incorporates a digital system with multiple LD reads giving total control over the two predefined measurement parameters and the excessive dosage of chemicals.  Very easy to use, thanks to the LCD screen and the ENCODER adjustment button, one can navigate easily through its configuration menus.

coloured LED light fixed on the PEF sensor holder makes it possible to quickly signal, through an opening on the cover, specific operating conditions or eventual warnings according to the colour of the light. 

EMEC V series metering pumps complete the POOLBRAVO dosing system.