For several years, FAVARETTI Srl has strived to offer products and services that really give you something extra. On this note, it would like to unveil ISOLA, its moveable safety decking for swimming pools.




Its goal was to offer its customers a functional, automatic product that could guarantee a high level of safety, both in the public and private sectors. In fact, this moveable decking is suitable for both residential pools and pools in hotels, well-being centres, restaurants, spas, etc, as its standard width goes up to 8 metres, and 11 metres for specific projects.


In just a few minutes, this moveable decking can turn into an area to accommodate dinners with friends, parties or sun loungers.

During the colder months, Isola protects your pool from bad weather, while keeping your garden looking stylish when the pool is not in use.

Flexibility and safety are therefore the advantages of this product. It can also be installed on both existing pools or during the design phase of a new pool with the least amount of prep work (only the rails need to be fastened).




Entirely custom-made, this decking is formed of an extremely strong 304 stainless steel structure and covered with stylish Ipé wood panels, or another material if you prefer.
When closed, this decking can hold 200 kg and will prevent any accidents with kids or pets.