A next-generation pool cover featuring anti-algae and UV-resistant Eclipse slats

New colours so you can customise your pool shutter

After the success enjoyed by its anti-algae, UV-resistant Eclipse slats since they were launched 3 years ago, OCEA has expanded its range with additional colours. The slats are also fully customisable.

Thanks to a tri-extrusion process, the Eclipse slat profile is made using three types of materials or different colours. The two combined colours within the traditionally-manufactured profiles come with an anti-UV layer added to the surface of each of the cover's segments. This slat profile also allows us to prevent algae from forming between adjacent slats. 

resistant, anti-UV pool cover slats manufacture tri-extrusion Eclipse Ocea

Eclipse pool cover slats manufacture - tri-extrusion process

A stylish and insulating pool cover slat

This unique slat comes with various advantages for you to create a stylish, resistant, and more insulating pool cover that is easy to assemble.

  • Superb resistance to UV rays. They have a longer lifespan thanks to an additional protective layer on the slats (anti-UV layer)
  • Blocking photosynthesis inside the hinges prevents algae from forming
  • 10% more buoyancy than traditional slats
  • An incredible insulation coefficient: 3.2 W/m².K
  • Visually even across the whole surface (only the waterproof chambers are visible)
  • Can be assembled by clipping them together or sliding their sides together
  • Available in a vast array of colours found on the market. The extremely popular Platinum and Cobalt versions conceal any condensation inside the slats.
  • Compatible with the majority of profiles already on the market.

pool covers slats anti-algae anti-uv resistant insulating Eclipse Ocea

Eclipse pool cover slat, anti-algae and anti-UV

Ocea is constantly designing innovative products. The company is also committed to investing in new tools whilst improving the production process in order to significantly reduce lead times.