Redox measurements (ORP) offer considerable advantages as they measure the effectiveness of disinfection and require little or no maintenance. All too often, Redox potential cannot be measured precisely in swimming pools due to the electric charge of water.

Consequently, there is usually too much or too little chlorine in water, either of which is not good for your health.
On the other hand, if the probe is continuously exposed to electric charges, it will become polarised and damage the sensor, making water treatment impossible with additional costs for swimming pool professionals and owners.


PCFR Terre flottante


Floating Ground (SE) technology is a major step forward and can form part of a strategy to control disinfection costs for residential swimming pools.
The SE technology in the PoolCop probe neutralises the impact of any electric charge and ensures reliable measurements and a long service life for the probe.

The latter is a double probe including both pH and Redox measurements, and can be used for all treatments (chlorine, bromine, electrolysis, etc).

Thanks to the smart PoolCop system, it has a lifespan of over 5 years and no longer requires any calibration.