Salt electrolysis is a water treatment for pools that has become increasingly popular thanks to its simplicity and efficacy. With the launch of the PoolCop Lagoon salt electrolyser, one of the new products for 2024, PCFR PoolCop aims to make smart automated salt chlorination treatment more accessible than ever to both professionals and their customers.

Two salt chlorination solutions to meet all needs 

PCFR PoolCop now offers two distinct electrolysers to meet all the needs of pool installers and owners.

PoolCop Ocean, the high-end electrolyser

PoolCop Ocean is the ideal solution for pool owners looking for the best possible water quality. Based on cutting-edge Sugar Valley technology and controlled by the ModBus communication technology integrated into both PoolCop Evolution and PoolCop Genesis, this electrolyser ensures perfect disinfection regardless of the water temperature by taking various parameters into account, including the potential ORP, free chlorine level, pool cover position, pump speed, pH, the number of swimmers and the weather. Available in three versions for pools up to 60 m³, 120 m³ and 200 m³, PoolCop Ocean guarantees optimal results regardless of the desired salt level (from 0.5 g/l) by combining the total control of chlorine production and polarity inversion, thus offering crystalline water and extended cell life.

Efficiency PoolCop Ocean high-end automated salt water chlorinator

PoolCop Ocean for smart pool water salt chlorination treatment (sodium or magnesium)

PoolCop Lagoon, the new, simple and accessible salt electrolyser

For those seeking simplicity without compromising on performance, PoolCop presents the PoolCop Lagoon salt electrolyser, one of the new products for 2024. Ultra-compact, very easy-to-install and equipped with Smart Power technology, the PoolCop Lagoon electrolyser adapts to the needs of the pool in real time, offering effective ORP regulated disinfection for pools up to 120 m³. Thanks to PoolCop's smart management system, this new ready-to-use electrolyser ensures optimal chlorine production while remaining simple and intuitive. Despite its simplicity, it is nonetheless a impressive water treatment system for salinity from 2.5 to 10 g/l, with automatic polarity inversion every 4 hours and a cell life of 10,000 hours.

With the ease of use and adaptability of these two electrolysers, PoolCop provides pool professionals all they need to offer their customers the many advantages from salt chlorination treatment.

PoolCop simplifies pool automation with smart electrolysis for both pool installers and their clients

Already renowned for its smart and autonomous solutions to remotely manage all aspects of pool maintenance, PCFR PoolCop continues to innovate to ensure pool owners enjoy optimal water quality and to simplify the day-to-day job of pool installers. 

PoolCop Genesis pre-mounted panel for simplified installation 

In addition to its salt chlorination solutions, PoolCop has also simplified the installation process for professional pool installers with the new pre-mounted and pre-cabled PoolCop Genesis panel, the ultra-open pool management system.

The panel has been carefully designed to ensure a quicker and easier set-up, saving precious time when fitting the equipment, regardless of the level of experience. This panel offers a complete maintenance solution, enabling an effective and intuitive control of all day-to-day pool operations. 

simplified installation highly compatible integral pool control system New PoolCop Genesis panel

PoolCop Genesis panel for simplified installation of the highly compatible pool management system

Offering impressive compatibility, the PoolCop Genesis panel incorporates all the smart features necessary to ensure effective and personalised maintenance of any pool. Based on data analysis and machine learning, it is capable of understanding the specific needs of each pool and adjusts its parameters accordingly, thus ensuring perfectly balanced water at all times.

The salt chlorination panel is equipped with the PoolCop Lagoon and a pH dosing pump to offer a complete water treatment solution. 

Assistance and technical support for professionals and quality partnerships

The technical support team at PCFR PoolCop is on hand to assist pool professionals in their installation and set-up, ensuring that the system is running perfectly and is configured according to each individual pool or spa.

PoolCop is committed to providing not only high-quality products, but also to build strategic partnerships to ensure durable and complementary performance, as with the Salins du Midi salt company. Salins du Midi's premium high-quality salt, Aquaswim Acti+, complies with EN 16401 and offers a special 'electrolyser salt', including 'anti-limescale' and 'anticorrosion' for optimal treatment and an increased lifespan of pool equipment. This partnership demonstrates the multiple benefits of using premium-grade salt with a quality electrolyser for an eco-responsible approach.

high performance pool water treatment Poolcop salt chlorinators Aquaswim Acti+ premium salt

Aquaswim Acti+, premium high-quality salt for pool water treatment with PoolCop salt electrolysers

With new solutions like the PoolCop Lagoon and the pre-installed panel for PoolCop Genesis, as well as its technical support and quality partnerships, PoolCop continues to innovate to provide smart pool management systems that are easier, more effective and adapted to the real needs of pool professionals as well as pool owners.