Efficient and fully automatic water disinfection solutions

POOL TECHNOLOGIE offers efficient and fully automatic water disinfection solutions for optimum convenience to the most demanding customers!


POOLSQUAD's Ampéro has been designed to adapt disinfection to the actual needs of the pool, thanks to its combination with pH regulation and amperometric regulation.

The latter, with a proven record for several years in public pools, is now also popular with private individuals, eager to obtain the same quality of water with a minimum of maintenance.

This rather sophisticated device needs to be installed by a professional, trained by the manufacturer and proficient in water treatment. He will thus be able to enhance his skills and propose a new form of maintenance contract and loyalty to his clients.

The amperometric probe

The amperometric probe comes with an analysis chamber, essential for the proper functioning and protection of the chlorine sensor. Equipped with a filter, it ensures a constant flow without debris at the membrane level.

The sensor remains immersed in the water, for a precise reading of active chlorine still available, and also to extend service life.

The system then automatically adjusts the production of chlorine to the requirements established in real time.

This solution is particularly recommended for indoor pools requiring regular monitoring of the chlorine level.