DRYDEN AQUA has developed an integrated water treatment system for pools, in which all its components form a perfectly coordinated package.


Instead of using more disinfectants or stronger products to kill bacteria, the approach to water treatment consists of depriving bacteria and other pathogens of their means of sustenance


Systeme Daisy Dryden


With this objective, the AFM® filter medium has been incorporated in the system.  This product not only filters better than sand, but also bio-resistant, preventing bacteria from reproducing. 


This approach is both biological and sustainable: it prevents the propagation of bacteria thanks to an optimised filtration system, rather than allowing them to proliferate and then eliminating them by using chemicals.


The result is clear water that contains much less chlorine. And when one says less chlorine, it also implies fewer harmful disinfection by-products.

The DAISY system acts in 3 integrated steps:
1 - Filtration with AFM®, the unique and bio-resistant filter medium
2 - Coagulation and flocculation with APF® and ZPM.  The filtration fineness can be as low as 0.1 micron
3 - Catalytic oxidation with ACO®: it reinforces the natural disinfecting capacity of the sun while preventing chlorine from disintegrating (acts as a chlorine stabilizer).