To improve the replacement filter cartridges that have always been clumped together using the same design and materials for both spa and pool environments, Pleatco successfully developed and created a premium performance filter cartridge specifically optimized for spas.

All Pleatco Advanced Spa filter cartridges are built around a scientifically engineered heavier 3.2 ounce point bonded filtration fabric. This filtration fabric, exclusivity Pleatco, meticulously constructed with a high volume of incredibly fine filter strands, provides better flow, higher dirt holding capacity and longer performance.


cartouches filtrantes ADVANCED SPA PLEATCO

Due to the finer fibers and high-tech construction technique has a larger cumulative wet surface area, traps a higher concentration of oils, lotions and dirt and is optimized for hot water and high bather load environments.
Its construction allows the release of greater volumes of trapped dirt within the fabric when being cleaned, returning the filter to a high level of original performance.


Thus, it is possible to clean the new advanced fabric filters simply and effectively, resulting in better flow, less maintenance and longer cycle times between cleaning.

In addition, these new Spa filter cartridges are constructed around the Pleatco’s Free Flow Core which provides greater flow for vigorous hot tub jet performance.

The combination of the new advanced filtration fabric and Pleatco free flow core creates a powerful filtration system delivering rapid, highly consistent, repeatable cleaning power.


These new Advanced Spa Filter cartridges are designed to replace any type of filter cartridge.