AFM® is a bioresistant filter material manufactured from recycled green and brown bottle glass. It filters considerably more finely than sand and has a longer lifespan.


AFM DRYDEN AQUAMoreover, it minimizes damaging chlorine by-products such as trichloramine and THMs and economizes substantially on operating costs.

Metal oxides are present in green and brown glass. Together with the activation process, these metal oxides provide the surface of AFM® with catalytic properties.


If water rich in oxygen flows through the filter bed of the media, a small quantity of free radicals form at the grain surface. These protect the filtration media from colonization by bacteria.

The activation enhances the negative charge of the filter media. As a result, as with a magnet, positive and dipolar charged particles are attracted and filtration performance is enhanced. Besides the purely mechanical filtration, electrostatic forces also have an effect.


For this reason, the manufacturer claims that AFM® filters considerably more finely than sand at filtration velocities of < 30m/h.
AFM® Grade 1: 95% of all particles up to 4 microns
Sand: 95% of all particles up to 20 microns
Glass sand: 95% of all particles up to 26 microns or larger.




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