VADY TurboxyAVADY POOL is a French manufacturer of water treatment equipment for swimming pools and spas, with 25 years of experience in the field.


Its new product, the PROpilot pH TURBOXY®, received the Innovation Trophy (for Maintenance-Treatment of Water) in Lyon in 2016.


This sensor, installed by direct insertion into the filtration pipeline of the swimming pool (compatible DN50 or DN63 and without the need for a bypass analysis chamber) is connected to the PROpilot, which clearly displays the chlorine level in mg/l (ppm).


The end user can thus compare the measurement carried out by the sensor using current manual methods: strips, test kits or photometers, where the levels are also shown in mg/l.

Multifunction, it also shows pH, chlorine, temperature, flow and pH product levels in the pool water.


PROpilot connects to the internet with no configuration required during installation, thanks to its integrated long-range radio connection. The data is transmitted to the web interface, allowing the user to plan the actions to be taken for the treatment of the water.

For maintenance, the sensor can be removed from its support without tools, by just rotating it a quarter turn, thanks to its pin locking system.

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