Avady Pool, a French manufacturer of water treatment equipment for pools and spas, presents the 2022 version of DUO.

The 2022 version of DUO, suitable for use in both small private pools and public baths

Suitable for use in both small private pools and public baths, it is capable of regulating pH and chlorine levels simultaneously thanks to its two peristaltic pumps. The device now also sports a sober, modern finish in order to match the brand's other devices. It also features a protective cover for the 2 peristaltic dosing pumps, and comes complete with a full kit to enable fast, easy installation.

Avady Pool: innovation and responsibility

Avady Pool endeavours to apply a responsible environmental policy, both in the design of its equipment and its choice of service providers, favouring short production chains, French manufacturing, optimised use of materials and responsible choices in chlorine treatment. The company strives to take action for our planet within its scope of influence.

As such, Avady Pool has opted to invest in the development of pumps enabling chlorine treatment, such as the Duo. Indeed, chlorine-treated water remains re-usable without any environmental damage: the chlorine level recedes and then disappears within a few days. Big cities are now using this resource to water their plants.

As such, with the new Duo Avady has managed to combine innovation, design, reliability and respect for the environment by offering a product that perfectly addresses the current needs of the market and our planet.