Introducing new Pleatco PureStart pre-filters a product range scientifically engineered to overcome the problems associated with tap, ground and well water.


pleatco pure startIndeed, PureStart cartridges filter water being used for filling and topping off pools and spas.

PureStart cartridges attach to any type of garden hose.


Thus, during filling, they capture dirt particles filtering the water before it enters a spa or pool.

These new disposable sediment filter cartridges are made from unique melt spun filtration technology for perfect depth filtration.

With a filtration accuracy of up to 5 microns, they trap in particular elements such as magnesium, iron and calcium deposits.
As a result, the have the advantage of reducing chemicals when starting up or when rejuvenating a pool or a spa.

Pleatco PureStart filters come in two sizes:

• The smaller, PPS 2100, filters up to 10000 gallons of water.

It is ideal for spas and hot tubs, kiddie pools, above ground pools, swimming spas and topping off large pools.

• The larger, PPS 6120, filters up to 40000 gallons of water and is mainly used by service pros for filling large bodies of water from above ground pools to swimming spas to in-ground pools and sports facility pools.

pleatco pure startIn addition, engineered to float in water, PureStart filters do not damage the pool.


Their smooth curved end caps prevent the brass end of the hose from resting against the pool finish.

Pleatco PureStart pre-fill cartridges are an affordable, disposable filter that can be used for multiple pool and spa fills.

By using a Pleatco PureStart cartridge, the turnaround time to get your customers enjoying their pool or spa is far quicker.

Finally, Pleatco PureStart pre-fill cartridges are perfect for both service pros and pool and spa owners alike.