Determined to find a solution to the problem of water leakage due to mechanical stresses and chemical aggressions, FITT developed a new and particularly reliable swimming pool hose: Barrierflex B-Active.

Thanks to optimized mechanical and chemical performances, this new flexible spiral hose puts an end to possible cracks and prevents water leakage caused by the pressure of the ground and by the acidic environment of the chlorinated water.

Barrierflex B-Active offers a double protection thanks to several innovative technologies:
• The new D-shape optimized spiral reinforcement, (patent pending), increases the hose’s ring stiffness and improves resistance to cracking and crushing.
• Its anti-cracking barrier, a protective skin on the surface of the rigid spiral spring, ensures excellent mechanical performance.
• Its new interior film (CDS patented), a special coating applied to the hose’s inner wall, isolates it from aggressive agents and protects it against damaging effects that chlorined water and its acidic pH can produce, giving it therefore an Increased resistance to chemicals.


Schema barrierflex B-Active

Thus, Barrierflex B-Active offers a double protection optimized against mechanical stresses and chemical aggressions, prevents water leaks and their difficult and costly repairs and consequently, ensures a simplified, reliable and durable installation.


pub FITT