échangeur de chaleur

Taking as a basis that spas and hot tubs are often heated at a high cost, which hampers their sales to individual users, EJ BOWMAN developed a new energy-efficient heat exchanger.


The new model, EC80-5113-1T enables spas and hot tubs to be heated via a main domestic heating system, dramatically reducing energy costs.


The heat transfer capability is up to 25 kW, to heat in a fraction of the time taken by electric heaters.


At the heart of the device is an immensely durable titanium tube stack, which resists chemical attack. By the way, all titanium parts in contact with pool water have a 10 year guarantee. Titanium is the ideal material for hot tubs, spas and pools as it can be used with any type of water treatment, even when salt water chlorinators are used. It also eliminates the possibility of galvanic attack between dissimilar materials, which can lead to premature heat exchanger failure.


At just 368mm overall length, the EC80 is so compact that it can be fitted virtually anywhere. It is available with either a stainless steel or Cupro-nickel tube stack, if required.


Bowman heat exchangers are already proven in commercial hot tub applications, drastically reducing energy costs. Additionally, the hot tubs now take just 2-3 hours to heat up to the required temperature, compared with up to 24 hours with the electric heaters.