Rising energy costs is a major issue for pool and spa owners. Whether commercial or domestic, the cost of heating water and running pools is causing concern, due to the amount of energy required.

A dedicated range of heat exchangers for pools heated via renewable energy sources

In a recent BBC radio broadcast, spa and hot tub owners stated their daily running costs had increased from around £2.00 (EUR2,30) per day, to around £8.00 (EUR9,15) - their annual heating bill now being up to £3,000 (EUR3,433), causing many owners to stop using them and potential purchasers to hold off buying!

On stand D19, at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, Bowman demonstrate how their heat exchangers can help lower the cost of heating swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

For example, when used with a boiler to heat pool water, their heat exchangers heat pools up to 3 times faster than most competitors, due to their greater heat transfer efficiency.

Bowman also have a dedicated range of heat exchangers for pools heated via renewable energy sources, including heat pumps and solar panels.

Bowman heat exchanger

Bowman heat exchanger