PAC Climexel


Pool equipment supplier Procopi has partnered with leading air-conditioning company Mitsubishi to create a new range of heat pumps for swimming pools called Climexel, using Mitsubishi’s ‘Zubadan’ technology.

The new pump is claimed to retain almost 80% of its heat output – even with an outdoor ambient temperature as low as –15° C.

This means Climexel is a true ‘four seasons’ unit designed to heat indoor pools used throughout the year. Pool temperature is displayed on the remote control, as also is the set point and the hot / cold operating mode.

The Climexel range comes in several power outputs to cover all types of pools and Procopi describes the performance of these new heat pumps as “remarkable”, both in terms of noiselessness at low speeds – thanks to deceleration near the setpoint that the compressor of the Mitsubishi Scroll inverter permits – and in terms of optimised performance.


échangeur en titaneExchanger
with helical discs in titanium


They are equipped with an acceleration ramp that prevents high power surges when powered up.


The heat pumps are fitted with an exclusive heat exchanger with helical discs made from titanium, and they can also be used with salt electrolysers. This generates very little loss of pressure in the hydraulic circuit.

The Climexel heat pumps carry a three-year guarantee, with a five-year guarantee on the titanium exchanger and compressor.


pied anti-vibratile

universal anti-vibration support

Procopi will add a universal anti-vibration support to the range during 2014.