A few years ago, Aqua Cover, the Belgian manufacturer of pool covers, launched Aqua Cover Light, a range of submerged slatted covers with electronic limit switches. 


To facilitate the installation of these components, the manufacturer is launching various elements for the 2014 season. 


- Several wall lead-through kits are being introduced:


- Specific sealing parts to be fitted into a concrete wall, for installing the slatted cover effortlessly after the pool is completed;


- lead-through wall parts for polyester, polyethylene and stainless steel swimming pools;


- or an inspection box in PVC, with waterproof gel, to facilitate and protect cable connections. 


Besides this, among the new installation aid products, a breadboard, with 4 freely usable contacts allowing you to connect other units, such as pump, fountain, projector, etc. to the control junction box.


Aqua Cover Light