Bowman’s confidence in its solar thermal heat exchangers – even in variable North European climates – has received a boost with official backing by solar energy experts, Barilla Solar.






Barilla Solar has been testing a Bowman heat exchanger on an outdoor pool at its headquarters in Hampshire in the UK since May 2012. By simulating and testing typical UK climate conditions. Barilla is demonstrating that Bowman solar heat exchangers are easily capable of heating an outdoor pool to comfortable temperatures all year round. Even on cold, cloudy days, pool temperatures have been reaching 22–23C. On warmer, sunny days, Barilla has been able to draw excess energy from the pool heating circuit into a thermal store and used it to heat hot water in its headquarters. A single Bowman heat exchanger transfers energy from the six Barilla F22 AR Flat Plate solar thermal collectors to the 37,500 litre pool. In addition to their solar thermal units, Bowman also manufactures a comprehensive range of heat exchangers for use with conventional boilers.