COBIA AQUATRONAquatron has developed a chlorine generator designed to be installed inside robotic pool cleaners.


The name for this technology is COBIA(TM) (Chlorine On Board Integrated Automation).


The system produces chlorine directly in the swimming pool while the cleaner is in operation.


COBIA(TM) is more cost-effective than traditional in-line chlorinators installed in the circulating pipe work of a pool because it works even when the pump and filtration system are not functioning.


By turning on the power supply the robot will begin to clean and chlorinate the pool.


Aquabot cobia

Each day, this robot will work on its own without touching any buttons.


It is totally independent from the pool filter or pressure line and doesn't need any hoses or connections.


COBIA(TM)  is also available in XL version for larger pools.






Robotic pool cleaner with integrated salt chlorinator