SpaBalancer is an innovation, that keeps water in whirlpools clear, clean and odor-free.


The new water care is biologically-based and chlorine-free. SpaBalancer succeeds in making water in whirlpools especially soft. It thus avoids skin irritations.


The skin does not dry out and retains its natural protective coating against acidity. Even people with sensitive skin or those suffering from neurodermitis need not be afraid to enjoy entering a pool, according to the manufacturer. Soft water is not only pleasing to people but technology as well. Less calcium deposits mean  fewer repairs of pumps with calcium build-up and corroded heating lines. That saves precious cash.


Pillows and insulation lining of the spa have longer life cycles owing to the fact of not being exposed to insidious fumes given off by disinfectants. SpaBalancer as a rule also warrants one water change annually to be sufficient for sanitary, above-board water quality. Even over long spells of non-use of the spa’s premises, the water will stay crystal-clear for up to four weeks.