KawanaIn 2009, Pool Technologie launched KAWANA, an extensive range of chlorinator replacement cells. Professionals seeking to provide a comprehensive array of services have found the perfect answer in this unique offering.


Indeed, salt water chlorination is undoubtedly popular and mature technology; the increasing number of salt water systems in Europe just goes to prove it. Professionals must now look into replacement parts for the industry to develop further.


The electrolytic cell is a key component and also a very expensive one, accounting for up to 60% of the costs for even the most basic salt chlorine generators. Consumers have become increasingly acquainted with the technology and are now looking closely at the price-quality ratio.


KAWANA satisfies the consumer’s need for quality at competitive prices, and, by developing its offering year after year, the brand has proven to be an excellent solution for professionals.


Starting off by providing only compatible cells in 2009, KAWANA now offers a growing number of factory-made cells: HAYWARD, PACIFIC INDUSTRIE, AIS, REGUL ELECTRONIQUE, KKLOR, SYSTEM 7, to name but a few. The latest addition to the range is STERILOR, a pioneer in salt electrolysis that now benefits from the privileged distribution network offered by KAWANA.