ProcopiThis year, 2 new models have been added to the Belstar and Eurostar II pump ranges that fit perfectly with the 920mm-diameter Python and RTM range of filters. There is the Belstar 300 with a flow rate of 32 m³/h and the Eurostar II 280 with a flow rate of 28 m³/h. They are available in single-and three-phase versions.


The Belstar pumps add new innovations to the pool pump market, such as reduced noise levels, a large capacity pre-filter, an easy-to-handle transparent lid, and fast self-priming.


The impeller hub is mounted on a protective plastic shaft. Most of the pump components are made from talc-filled polypropylene and are corrosion resistant. Besides boasting the same innovations as the Belstar range, the Eurostar II range of pumps provide improved electrical protection.


Thanks to the original design of the turbine, the motor shaft is never in contact with the water, so there can be no electrical leaks into the pool. Its waterproof mechanical seal is mounted on a synthetic resin protective shaft. There is no contact between the motor shaft and the water in the pool, which makes it fully resistant to corrosion – even in pools treated with salt electrolysis.