Caldera SpasThe makers of Caldera Spas are introducing the new Vacanza Spa series, complementing the company’s existing range comprising the Palatino, Marino, Aventine, Cima and Lina.


The range is said to offer ‘real value’, bringing hydromassage therapy to a wider market, and to be able to stand up to everyday use with low maintenance and high energy efficiency.


Meanwhile at the top of the range, the Cantabria is the flagship spa of the Utopia series. According to Caldera, the product’s fresh, organic look ‘creates an overall sense of wellness and good health’.


Design is a key element of the product, with newly designed ergonomic levers intended to suggest a hot stone massage rock, similar to natural stones used in massage therapy. Details such as a gentle river rock pattern have been designed into the bottom of the spa where the user’s feet will rest.



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