plan abri FusionIt blends easily into the landscape of the pool area of a garden.  Not only low-profile, it is also beautifully transparent. The exclusive thermo-formed (process for heat-compressed plastic)  sides makes this shelter even more discreet.

The IPC shelter is equipped with a double-action slim-line "Flat-Guide System" that consists of both rails and castors.  With this new concept, the sections slide to lock into their anchor points perfectly, and the rails ensure that the manoeuvre is rapid, easy and precise.   The shelter can also be fitted with a system driven by electric or solar power to make the operation even easier.

A really low shelter
plan abri Fusion sur piscine
In practical terms, contrary to curved shelters that require a certain minimum height (in order to create the structural resistance caused by the reverse pressure of the sections), this shelter distributes the  required force evenly through the whole structure.  This is possible because of its angular shape, and the new "Progress" profiles that give strength to the structure.  Although the structure is very low, the shelter does not give one a feeling of confinement while swimming.  In fact, in the pool, the lowest side of the shelter is always situated at the deepest end of the pool


Ultra-flat straight panels                  Length:  from 4.2 m to 15 m.
Height:  from 0.40 m to 1.20 m        Width: from 3 m to 6 m

The IPC shelters come with:

â–º A StormLock system, Fresh Air, Flat Guide, Secure Lock                 

â–º A 10-year guarantee for the aluminium profiles                                    
â–º A 15-year guarantee for the 4 mm compressed polycarbonate                    
â–º Production at its ISO 9001:2000 certified plant                        
â–º QUALICOAT Epoxy thermo-coating                                                        
â–º Tech plans that have been validated according to European standards

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