Combipool is an automatic 2 in 1 system, by BIO-UV, which associates injection of disinfectant and pH regulation based on 3 parameters (volume of the tank, temperature and pH of the water). He allows adjusting without manipulation the injection of products (active oxygen, liquid chlorine…) and pH regulation. No more overconsumption!

This system is easily integrated into the circuit of filtration of the basin. With proportional control of pH, it maintains a precise threshold of instruction and avoids the overdoses. For optimum safety, the regulation shall cease when the sensor detects that a pH level is too far from the set point. The probes and the injection tube are located in one sleeve "4 in 1". It is delivered with a pH probe, a temperature probe, a fixation kit, a kit of pH4 and pH7 solutions, 2 injection valves, and 2 suction strainers.

Simple: it adjusts without any manipulation the injection of disinfectant and pH control.

Economic: it measures the parameters of the pool (temperature, pH) and injects the optimal quantities of products.

Easy to install:  all the accessories for starting are supplied with the unit.

Sure: thanks to the proportional regulation of the pH, it maintains a precise threshold of instruction and avoids any overdoses of products.

Whatever the volume of the swimming pool, Combipool automatically adjusts the BIO-UV protocol . It is already attached to the BIO-UV device. No need to connect the filter box!

                                                                                       Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 215x180x130 mm
Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 10 W
Electronic card: 315 mA
UV reactor: 2.5 mA
Protection factor: IP 54
Dosing Pumps flows: 1.4 liter / hour
Output pressure dosing pumps: 1.0 bar Max

Supplied Parts

- Combipool

- PH probe
- Temperature probe
- Sleeve "4 in 1" (diameter 63 mm)
- PH probe holder
- Injection valve (x2)
- Suction Strainers (x2)
- Suction / injection
Tube (x2)
- Fixing kit
- Solutions pH4 and pH7
- Accessory carrier
- UV Connector

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