Couverture hors sol APF

couverture hors sol

APF (Annonay Productions France) new motorised above-ground model that is operated by solar energy – rotating – the automatic solar cover uses the structure of Above Ground Motorised model with or without mechanical stop.

It is simple, easy and fast to install without degradation of swimming-pool and its sides. The motor is powered by a battery that is recharged with the help of latest generation solar cell with a very high performance that keeps it safe from power-cuts.

Exclusive : the solar panel, which is fixed according to your wishes, preferably oriented towards due south in order to optimise the functioning of the automatic cover and this regardless of the position of cover on the pool.

The above-ground covers are completely modular and upgradeable. A manual model that can be later upgraded to power-operated and mounted with a bench. White PVC, sand or exotic wood lining.