Enjoyed alone or with partners, the Swan aquatic massager by Dimension One Spas innovates in the therapeutic wellness sector.

SwanWith 5 feet of hose, this device delivers its soothing relief wherever it is desired. The ergonomic, durable, one-piece massager installs easily on all D1 spas manufactured from 1999 on.

1. The fully adjustable rotator nozzle offers you a range of hydrotherapeutic choices: you can set the nozzle to deliver a gentle pulsating action or a smooth, streamline flow, or anything in between.

2. Its unique handle features a soft, sensuous and tactile grip, even when wet. Plus, its tapered oval design fits comfortably any size of hand.

3. The special flexible and durable hose is engineered to handle any water pressure or flow delivered by the spa’s jet pump system.

4. Installing the aquatic massager is easy. Remove any large jet installed in your spa and replace it with Swan. Turn the outer ring to control the flow and try other jet ports to find your favourite flow power.

Key features
  • Soothing, pulsating action
  • Stimulating and variable speed / flow
  • Ergonomic and durable design
  • Soft and tactile grip
  • Installs easily in just minutes