During the next edition of the exhibition - 19 to 22 November, 2024 - Piscine Global will highlight the solutions provided by the sector to respond to the challenges of managing individual and collective swimming pools in a context of inflation and climate change.

The low-consumption swimming pool at the heart of the program

At the heart of this program: the individual low-consumption swimming pool. Water, energy, budget savings... the swimming pool of tomorrow will be more economical. The sector continues to innovate in this direction and the FPP with the swimming pool and health spa professionals are working together on numerous solutions: smaller pools, shelters, covers, water use calculators, equipment for rational water and energy management, water-saving charter... Customer awareness is gaining ground.

The context has of course not spared collective swimming pools, with budgets impacted by the increase in energy costs. The challenge today is for these establishments to succeed in responsible management of swimming pools, with pools that are more responsible, more accessible and more inclusive, as a space for socialising during the summer and cooling down, but also as a privileged place for learning to swim. In-depth reflection is taking place in the sector regarding the energy renovation of this very old and energy-intensive equipment. Piscine Global has compiled a dossier - that can be consulted on its website - on all the changes implemented by community (private and public) swimming pools with this objective: energy, water, design, accessibility, recruitment, etc.

Ebook 'Community swimming pools riding the waves of change'

During the show, equipment solutions integrating the latest technologies in this regard will take centre stage: More efficient filtration systems, More energy-efficient lighting, Water and air heating using renewable energy, Water treatment more responsible, Covering, Optimisation of water renewal and consumption, Rainwater recovery, Leak management...

The widest offering on the market will be gathered in Lyon for 4 days, to experience a highlight, reflect and discuss the future challenges of the sector, particularly during the Pool Arena conferences and thematic areas.

This show promises to introduce professionals to all aspects of a more responsible swimming pool.