From February 21st to 23rd, 2024, USSPA hosted its Dealer's Days event at its headquarters in the Czech Republic, marking three days filled with inspiration, excitement, and the strengthening of business relationships through informal networking.

Highlights from USSPA Dealer's Days 2024 at its headquarters

USSPA, a Czech manufacturer of premium spas and swim spas, organized this event to offer a unique platform for networking with business partners. The program of USSPA Dealer's Days attracted partners from all over Europe, from Great Britain, Finland and Switzerland to Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria, demonstrating its broad appeal.

During the event, participants had the exclusive opportunity to delve into the manufacturing process of spas and swim spas firsthand, visiting USSPA's two production plants.

Discovery of the manufacturing process of USSPA spas and swim spas by participants

Discovery of the USSPA spas and swim spas manufacturing process  by participants

They also visited the company's recently expanded and modernized headquarters, featuring a renovated showroom. The presentations offered valuable insights into current sales and marketing trends, fostering mutual inspiration and the sharing of experiences and best practices in spa sales.

Visit of the USSPA production plants

The culmination of the event was a joint evening aimed at informal networking and relationship-building, reflecting USSPA's commitment to nurturing strong partnerships. USSPA Dealer's Days 2024 once again confirmed their importance as a platform for fostering collaboration between the company and its business partners, serving as an excellent preparation for the unusually early start of the spring season.

USSPA Showroom

USSPA Showroom