As every year, the EUSA Awards award ceremony took place at a major pool international trade fair. On November 15, 2022, professionals gathered at Piscine Global Europe to attend these awards.

The finest European swimming pool and spa constructions rewarded

Since 2013, these prizes have been awarded to the most beautiful creations of swimming pools and private spas in Europe. In total, 7 categories received their gold, silver and bronze trophies. The ceremony was presented by Bert Granderath, President of the EUSA, in front of an audience made up of pool professionals from many countries on the continent.

Bert Granderath cérémonie EUSA Awards 2022

Bert Granderath presented the EUSA Awards 2022 ceremony in the Pool Arena of Piscine Global Europe - ©EuroSpaPoolNews

The winning achievements of the European Pool and Spa Awards 2022

Domestic Indoor Pools

  • Nicollier Group | Switzerland - GOLD
  • Declerq Piscines - Euro Piscine | France - SILVER
  • Biopool | Belgium - BRONZE

Nicollier Piscine intérieure EUSA Awards OR 2022

Nicollier Group EUSA Gold Award 

Gold EUSA Award Piscine privée intérieure Nicollier Group et Bert Granderath

Domestic Indoor Pool Gold Award to Nicollier Group - ©EuroSpaPoolNews

Domestic Outdoor Pools

  • Vita Bad | Switzerland - GOLD
  • Gassner GmbH | Germany - SILVER
  • Grenson Piscine Construction | Belgium - BRONZE

    Vita Bad piscine privée extérieure EUSA Award 2022 or

    Vita Bad EUSA Gold Award 

    Gold EUSA Award Vita Bad piscine privée extérieure et Bert Granderath

    Domestic Outdoor Pool Gold Award to Vita Bad - ©EuroSpaPoolNews

    Domestic Spas

    • Hofer Group | Italy - GOLD
    • J.j.j. Piscines Saint Feliu |Spain - SILVER
    • Vivell AG | Switzerland - BRONZE

    Hofer Spa privé EUSA Award 2022 OR

    Hofer Group EUSA Gold Award 

    Gold EUSA award Spa Privée Hofer Group et Bert Granderath

    Domestic Spa Gold EUSA Award to Hofer Group - ©EuroSpaPoolNews

    Domestic Pools By Night

    • Nicollier Group SA | Switzerland - GOLD
    • Sankurt | Turkey - SILVER
    • Diffazur Piscines | France - BRONZE

    Nicollier Group Piscine de nuit EUSA Award 2022

    Nicollier Group EUSA Gold Award 

    Gold EUSA Award Piscine de Nuit Nicollier Group et Bert Granderath

    Domestic Pools at Night Gold EUSA Award to Nicollier Group - ©EuroSpaPoolNews

    Domestic Pool With An Enclosure

    • Poolar GmbH | Austria - GOLD
    • Rambow Pooldesign | Germany - SILVER
    • A1 Schimmbadbau and Metallbau Thomas Ruckdeschel | Germany - BRONZE

    Poolar GmbH piscine privée avec abri EUSA Award 2022

    Poolar GmbH EUSA Gold Award 

    Domestic Pool with an Enclosure Gold EUSA Award to Poolar GmbH - ©EuroSpaPoolNews

    Domestic Pools With An Automatic Cover

    • Côté Jardin - Carré Bleu | France - GOLD
    • grando GmbH | Germany - SILVER
    • Vita Bad AG | Switzerland - BRONZE

    Côté Jardin Carré Bleu Piscine privée avec couverture automatique EUSA Awards Or

    Côté Jardin Carré Bleu EUSA GOLD Award 

    Gold Award Côté Jardin Carré Bleu et Bert Granderath

    Domestic Pool with an Automatic Cover Gold EUSA Award to Côté Jardin Carré Bleu - ©EuroSpaPoolNews

    Domestic Hot Tubs

    • Iberspa | Spain - GOLD
    • Au fil de l'Eau - Piscines de France | France - SILVER 
    • SSF Schimmbad | Germany - BRONZE

    Iberspa bain à remous privé EUSA Awards Or

    Iberspa SL EUSA GOLD Award 

    Gold EUSA Award bain à remous privé Iberspa et Bert Granderath

    Domestic Hot Tub Gold EUSA Award to Iberspa - ©EuroSpaPoolNews