EuroSpaPoolNews Special Spring 2022 is online. This bilingual edition (French and English) printed in 8,000 copies and sent to professionals across Europe is also available in digital version. 

A special edition for the European swimming pool and spa market

The interactive EuroSpaPoolNews Special Spring newspaper is:

  • All articles can be clicked in 5 languages instead of 2: Italian, Spanish, German, French and English
  • Distribution in our Newsletters to all of our subscribers, i.e. more than 20,000 people in 5 languages.
  • All the articles are posted on our social networks Facebook and LinkedIn

EuroSpaPoolNews 2022

EuroSpaPoolNews Special Spring 2022 is interactive

In pdf or e-reader, get a preview of this issue with the latest trends, innovations and indystry news from the swimming pool and spa market.

Contents of this issue:

  • NEWS from companies in the pool & wellness industries 
  • CASE STUDY: counter-current swimming with a turbine or a pump and jets?

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