EUSA Award 2021 presented in Barcelona

The winners of the European swimming pool prize EUSA AWARD 2021 are announced this 29 th November at Piscina Barcelona. The prize for the swimming pool sector has been awarded annually since 2013 by the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA) in cooperation with the national pool federations from Europe for the most beautiful private used swimming pools. In total, bronze, silver and gold winner are announced in the following seven categories: Domestic Indoor Pools, Domestic Outdoor Pools, Domestic Pools with an Enclosure, Domestic Pools with an Automatic Cover, Domestic Pools by night, Domestic Spas and Domestic Hot Tubs. 

In the competition 2021, 199 pools from 11 countries participated: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey. The special thing about the EUSA Award: It is a competition in which "the best of the best" are chosen, because usually the national associations send the winners of their national swimming pool prizes or pre-selection into the EUSA Award.

The 2021 Awards ceremony is in its ninth edition and is planned for the swimming pool show Piscina in Barcelona on 29 th November, 7 p.m. EUSA president Bert Granderath is the presenter of the Awards. This year, there are winners from France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Austria and Belgium.  

The 2021 Awards ceremony took place during the Piscina & Wellness gala evening in Barcelona on November 29

These are the 21 winners of the European Pool & Spa Awards 2021 

Domestic SPAS 

  • Gold - Hütel & Meß Schwimmbad (Germany) - 
  • Silver - A1 Schwimmbadbau (Germany) -
  • Bronze - DIFFAZUR PISCINES (France) -

Hütel & Meß Schwimmbad - Spas privés -  EUSA Or 2021

Hütel & Meß Schwimmbad

Domestic Hot Tubs

  • Gold - SSF Schwimmbad (Germany) - 
  • Silver - SSF Schwimmbad (Germany) - 
  • Bronze - IBERSPA (AQUAVIA SPA) (Spain)

SSF Schwimmbad - Bains à remous privés - EUSA Or 2021

SSF Schwimmbad

Domestic Indoor Pools

  • Gold - XL Pools Ltd (UK) -
  • Silver - Lubin Piscines - Carré Bleu (France) -
  • Bronze - Vivell Schwimmbadtechnik AG (Switzerland) -

XL Pools Ltd - Piscines intérieures privées - EUSA Or 2021

XL Pools Ltd

Domestic Outdoor Pools

  • Gold - Mirani Piscine (Italy) -
  • Silver - pool aesthetics, S.L. (Spain) -
  • Bronze - Vita Bad AG (Suitzerland) -

Mirani Piscine - Piscines extérieures privées - EUSA Or 2021

Mirani Piscine

Domestic Pools with an Enclosure

  • Gold - POLYTHERM Gesellschaft m. b. H. (Austria) -
  • Silver - Paradiso Systeme GmbH (Germany) -
  • Bronze - NEMO POOL (Germany) and Lendvai és Társa Kft. (Hungary) -

POLYTHERM Gesellschaft m. b. H. - Piscines privées avec abri - EUSA Or 2021c abri -

POLYTHERM Gesellschaft m. b. H.

Domestic Pools with an Automatic cover

  • Gold - pool aesthetics, S.L. (Spain) -
  • Silver - grando (Germany) - and Covertech LLC (UK) -
  • Bronze - Technics & Applications (Belgium) - - Piscines Ondine (Belgium) -

pool aesthetics, S.L. - Piscines privées avec couverture automatique -EUSA Or 2021

pool aesthetics, S.L.

Domestic Pools by night

  • Silver - A1 Schwimmbadbau (Germany) -
  • Bronze - RAMBOW Pooldesign (Germany) -
CONSTRUMA (MARIA TERESA MATA CATALA) - Piscines privées de nuit -EUSA Or 2021


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