The winners of the competition rewarding the most beautiful swimming pools and spas in Europe are known

The prize for the swimming pool sector has been awarded annually since 2013 by the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA) in cooperation with the national pool federations from Europe for the most beautiful private used swimming pools. In 2019, EUSA Awards also rewarded the most beautiful pools and spas achievements in Europe (at aquanale).
In total, a bronze, silver and gold winner will be announced in the following seven categories: Domestic Indoor Pools, Domestic Outdoor Pools, Domestic Pools with an Enclosure, Domestic Pools with an Automatic Cover, Domestic Pools by night, Domestic Spas and Domestic Hot Tubs. 

11 countries participating in the EUSA Awards 2020

In the competition 2020 181 pools from 11 countries participated: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey. The special thing about the EUSA Award: It is a competition in which "the best of the best" are chosen, because usually the national associations send the winners of their national swimming pool prizes or pre-selection into the EUSA Award.

A ceremony to come at the 2021 aquanale show

The 2020 Awards ceremony will be the eighth event to be held and this is planned for the swimming pool show aquanale (Cologne, Germany) in October 2021
The EUSA Awards 2021 will therefore be held the same year, in Barcelona, during the Piscina & Wellness fair, in November 2021.

These are the 21 winners of the European Pool & Spa Awards 2020 

Domestic SPAS

  • Gold - Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik (Germany) - 
  • Silver - Diffazur Piscines (France) -
  • Bronze - Nicollier Group (Switzerland) -

domestic spa by Woodtli EUSA Awards 2020 gold award

Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH

Domestic Hot Tubs

  • Gold - Vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik (Switzerland) - 
  • Silver - Whirlcare Industries and Whirlpools World One (Germany) -
  • Bronze - SORG Schwimmbäder (Germany) -

Domestic Hot Tub by Vivell Gold EUSA Award 2020

Vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik

Domestic Indoor Pools

  • Gold - Agretec Carré Bleu International (France) -
  • Silver - Piscine et Jardin - EuroPiscine (France) -
  • Bronze - Rigo Spa (United Kingdom) -

Gold EUSA Award 2020 Domestic Indoor Pool Agretec Carré Bleu International


Domestic Outdoor Pools

  • Gold - PS-Pool Equipment (Spain) -
  • Silver - PS-Pool Equipment (Spain) -
  • Bronze - Nicollier Group (Switzerland) - (header photo)

Outdoor pool rewarded by Gold EUSA Award 2020 Ps Pool Equipment


Domestic Pools with an Enclosure

  • Gold - SSF Schwimmbad (Germany) -
  • Silver - Abridéal (France) -
  • Bronze - Concept Alu (France) -

EUSA Awards 2020 Pool with an enclosure SSF Schwimmbad

SSF Schwimmbad

Domestic Pools with an Automatic cover

  • Gold - grando (Germany) -
  • Silver- Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik (Germany) -
  • Bronze - grando (Germany) -

Pool with automatic cover gold EUSA awards 2020 grando

grando GmbH

Domestic Pools by night

  • Gold - Aquarêve - L'Esprit Piscine (France) -
  • Silver - Nicollier Group (Switzerland) -
  • Bronze - Tanby Pools (United Kingdom) -

Gold EUSA Awards 2020 Pool by night Aquarêve l'Esprit Piscine

Aquarêve - L'Esprit Piscine

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