EUSA Awards held each year at a different pool and spa exhibitions in Europe

2019 EUSA Awards held in Aquanale Sauna, Pool and Spa Show

Hosted by the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA), the annual European Pool and Spa Awards celebrate the most outstanding pools and hot tubs in the Water Leisure Industry, with award winners from across Europe.
They are held annually at a different pool and spa exhibition across Europe.
Aquanale in Cologne, Germany, welcomed the Awards on Thursday 7th November 2019.

The best pool and spa achievements among the members of the ten participating European National Pool and Spa Associations

In the 2019 competition, 186 pools from 10 countries participated: Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Judges from eight countries awarded points for each project.

EUSA President Mille Örnmark from the Swedish Swimming Federation Svenska Badbranschen (SBB) moderated the award ceremony, where twenty-one winners were announced in seven award categories to represent the spectrum of work undertaken by the members of each of the ten participating European National Pool and Spa Associations.

EUSA represents approx. two thousand five hundred companies from all areas of the supply chain, adding value to swimming pool and spa businesses. The awards were judged by top industry professionals across Europe.

The British Pool & Hot Tub Awards at SPATEX 2020

The water leisure industry, trade associations for the United Kingdom, BISHTA and SPATA shortlisted entries for the European Pool and Spa Awards from winners of the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards, hosted by BISHTA and SPATA with the awards ceremony held annually during SPATEX - the pool, spa & wellness show, at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry - 28th -30th January 2020. 

The winners of the 2019 European Pool & Spa Awards

7 EUSA Award categories

Discover all the images of the Gold, Silver and Bronze EUSA Awards 2019.

Domestic Indoor Pools

  • Gold I POOL AESTHETICS S.L (Spain)
  • Silver I POLYTHERM GesmbH (Austria)
  • Bronze I POLYTHERM GesmbH (Austria)  


Domestic Outdoor Pools

  • Gold I ROSA GRES S.L.U (Spain)
  • Silver MIRANI I PISCINE (Italy) /
  • Bronze I NEDAPOOL S.L (Spain)


Domestic Pool Enclosures

  • Gold I CONCEPT ALU (France)
  • Silver I XL Pools and Summit Leisure (United Kingdom) /
  • Bronze I MLZ Haustechnik GmbH (Germany) 


Domestic Pools with Automatic Covers

  • Gold I grando GmbH and Aqua Solar AG (Germany) /
  • Silver I T&A and Relex NV (Belgium)  /
  • Bronze I grando GmbH and COVERTECH LLC (Germany) /  

GOLD I grando GmbH and Aqua Solar AG (Germany)

Domestic Pools by Night

  • Gold I POOL AESTHETICS S.L (Spain)
  • Silver I ESPACE PISCINE 66 (France)
  • Bronze I JAUNE ET BLEU - L`ESPRIT PISCINE (France)    


Domestic Spas

  • Gold I DIFFAZUR PISCINES (France) 
  • Silver I vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik (Switzerland)
  • Bronze I vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik (Switzerland)  


Domestic Hot Tubs

  • Gold I vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik (Switzerland)
  • Silver I Iberspa S.L (Spain)
  • Bronze I Tanby Pools (United Kingdom)   

GOLD I vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik (Switzerland)

On which criteria the EUSA's winners are chosen?

The 2019 awards were organised by EUSA, to showcase the best examples of construction, design and innovation of pools and spas from European companies.
Judges for the EUSA Awards assessed the entries on their visual impact, innovation and aesthetic appeal. The identity of each entry was not given to the judges; this meant that judges could vote for any entry that they believed to be the best. The EUSA judges aimed to award a Gold, Silver and Bronze award winner in each category, subject to there being sufficient entries, of suitable quality. 

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