T & A, service, quality, reliability of a family company for its customers

The 2019 season has seen an ultra-dynamic marketplace shaking up the industrial structure of everyone on the market. The seasonality of the industry, the impact of the weather, and construction development are some of the factors that disrupted the forecasts made at the beginning of the year.

For several years now, T&A has been working on its production capacity to ensure short and truly reliable lead times. Thanks to it creating a successful computerised process, optimising its production line, developing an impressive level of stock, and finding trustworthy suppliers, T&A guarantees stable and reliable production, in terms of both the quality of its products and the time frames promised to its customers.

All too often, having reliable suppliers is underestimated by the customers working in pool construction. It is actually during the busy season when people should fully assess the qualities of their providers. Despite achieving more than 30% growth over the first six months, pool covers were delivered to T&A's customers by their deadlines (10 working days), and such covers were manufactured within an average time frame that was 30% shorter than in 2018.

This is in keeping with the approach taken by T&A ever since it was established, namely service, quality, and reliability for a family-run business that wants to be a true partner for its customers: providing practical training in the factory, support out in the field for training technicians, as well as a simple and fast after-sales service.

Make the most of the lull during autumn and winter to find out more about T&A, its wide range of covers, and its high-performance industrial facilities!