Filipa Santos

Filipa Santos

SCP Portugal's Director


SCP Pool Portugal won for the third time the European Best Sales Center award, attributed to the agencies of the SCP universe, for the excellent results obtained along this year. SCP Portugal's Director, Filipa Santos, exposes her point of view on the 2017 season.


How was the season for SCP Portugal?


Filipa Santos: The season was very good in Portugal, I think like all across Europe. The economy in Portugal is growing day by day, after 2013's crises, we noticed a constant increase on construction and investment in Portugal, and that is directly linked with our business.
Lisbon is considered as one of the best locations for holidays, and turism is right now one of the greatest revenues in our country. We have investors coming to Portugal to invest in small hotels, charm ones, or small houses refurbished to rent, and again turism is also directly linked with our market. Most of the hotels have inside or outside swimming pools and also a space for wellness. In the past two years SCP Pool Portugal have invest on this market and we have been prepared with products, training, people and service on this segment of wellness.

What progress compared to the year 2017?


F.S.: In the beginning of 2016 we have moved to a new warehouse, with all the necessary infrastructures to serve better our customers, so we can say we have been also positively impacted by the good internal organization and infrastructure we have right now, and that now we are every year increasing our level of service to our customers. Also we had built a wellness center and a Garden Center, where we can develop better our Academy. Since January 2017 we received the certification of our academy, so now we are providing to customers certificated courses, which is helping to professionalize the market, and that’s also a goal of SCP Pool Portugal.

How the wellness market is developing in Portugal?

F.S.: Has I said before due to the increase on tourism and the influences from northern countries, we are stepping into this new market. Right now we are fully prepared to bring all the support to customers on this segment, and we have the tools, product and people to help customers to develop this market. We think it’s a growing market and it is still starting, there is still much to do and to grow.

And that of renovation?

F.S.: Due to the recovery of the economy, we can see a great recover also on renovation, we see now that plenty of pools that where closed, are now being recovered, hotel pools, condominiums and private. There is a big existent park of pools that need renovation, and that is also a growing segment.

How do you see the year 2018?

F.S.: I believe it will also be a good year. For the moment there is no indication of any constrains on the growing economy and trust of consumers, so I believe, linked to wellness, construction and renovation, that it we will continue in the good trend for 2018.