10 ans Intelliflo

Pentair’s IntelliFlo variable-speed pump, which can cut energy bills by as much as 90% compared with conventional single-speed pumps, has proved its worth for 10 years. 


At its launch in 2005, Pentair backed the pump with extensive publicity and trainings towards the pool trade, all in order to demonstrate the long-term benefits of the new pump, and outlining the business opportunity in new and retrofit installation for the millions of in-ground pools worldwide.
In fact, pool owners have been quick to grasp the concept of true cost of ownership - the sum of amortized capital cost, energy and maintenance costs. Thanks to the pump’s ability to reduce its speed and therefore energy consumption when the pool is not used, the company managed to introduce the pump effectively to the residential market.
It announces that since 2005, these pool pumps have saved over 4.2 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), equivalent to the energy used by 147,000 homes in a year. Hundreds of thousands of units of it have been sold worldwide since 2005, showing this is a proven and reliable concept. The power saved by all these units is equivalent to the output of four nuclear power stations.