Spa king Product rangeThe owner of Air Supply International Pty Ltd is about to retire and the company would be asking for expression of interest in the purchase of the entire operational tooling to produce 3 high quality Spa Blowers - Spa King Blower Company. The complete production ready tooling for the assembly is currently in Queensland Australia and is offered for a sum of Euro 87 K.

The product range is ideal for a progressive forward thinking company to create an export market instantly to European countries, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand.
The products have been exhibited at the Piscine Pool Exhibitions in Europe between 2000 and 2005 and sold to European Piscine companies in Russia, Spain Portugal & the UK.
The purchaser will have support from the owner for an agreed period, which includes Pool Exhibitions in Spain and France (other countries by agreement).

Production could commence in a couple of days from delivery of the tooling, which includes production of the world’s only Quad Port Air Delivery System, the XTA Spa Blower, for the economy market, the Spa King with Loop Charged Injected & the Micro - Jet suitable for portable Spa's & beach entry bubble system & shallow spa's & the Spa King Ground Installed Silent Spa Blower for the high end market.

All Tooling is in excellent condition ready for work.

●  Spa King Products have a very high safety standard.
●  Spa King Blowers are tested at 40 degrees ambient suitable for installation from beach to snow line.
●  All Spa King Products have EMC filters - & qualify for CE Certification.
●  Commercial advantage over Spa Blower products is currently available in Europe.
●  Spa King Products will not overheat.
●  Motors for Spa King Products are currently available in Europe.
●  World’s only 'Ground Installed' Silent Burial Spa Blower with Loop Charged Injected air delivery system.
●  Brochures in Russian, French, Spanish, English, catalogues in French and Spanish.

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