Pentair offers pool professionals to benefit from training workshops to learn or to improve on the latest equipment developed by its engineers, in several European cities.


Pentair Academy


The Pentair Academy Training Tour is a free training course which includes a master class, lunch and workshop material about: automation systems (IntelliPool, ControlPro), variable speed pumps (IntelliFlo® et SuperFlo®VS), heaters (UltraTemp-E et MasterTemp), lighting, filtration, water features and chlorine generation. 


Registration must be done 6 weeks before the workshop.


Dates and locations*:


● Rimini (Italy) 26-11-2015
● Heathrow (UK) 11-12-2015
● Aix-en-Provence (France) 12-01-2016
● Lyon (France) 14-01-2016
● Catania - Sicily (Italy) 21-01-2016
● Linz (Austria) 26-01-2016
● Mannheim (Germany) 02-02-2016
● Hanover (Germany) 04-02-2016
● Toulouse (France) 09-02-2016
● Montpellier (France) 11-02-2016
● Herentals (Belgium) 16-02-2016
● Namur (Belgium) 18-02-2016
● Barcelona (Spain) 04-03-2016
*Final dates or locations can be modified by Pentair.