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For the last 20 years, the Belgian company Technics & Applications (T&A) has been offering custom pool covers.


It was in fact in 1995 that its founder, Ludo Vervoort, started production of the AquaTop slatted covers.

Today, T&A has become one of the largest manufacturers of automatic pool covers in Europe.
The AquaTop slatted covers are still T&A's flagship product. This high-end cover, with high-quality PVC or PC slats, brings added value to any type of pool.
Although 2015 is a year of celebration, it has also been synonymous with major investments.  
In 2015 therefore, the production capacity was increased by 50% - a capacity that will be further boosted in 2016 through increased automation.
In addition to investments for increasing production capacity, T&A continues to innovate. A new optimized control system and new pool slats have been launched in 2015.
Besides the AquaTop slatted cover, the AquaGuard safety cover has also become a leading product in the European market.  Compared to a roller shutter, this cover offers less insulation but ensures complete safety.
In addition, the pool is covered hermetically and thus remains completely clean.
T&A has grown significantly since 1995, but its values have not changed. The company strives to provide quality products at competitive prices, with good service and timely delivery. To this end, training, advisory services, technical assistance and immediate availability of spare parts are an essential part.
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