The second EUSA (European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations) awards took place at the Piscine Global exhibition held in Lyon, France in November, with resounding success, announcing 16 winners across 13 countries.

Competition was tough with EUSA representing over 3,000 swimming pool and spa companies across Europe. The awards were judged by top industry professionals representing the 13 countries of EUSA.


This year two new categories were created for hot tubs and above ground swimming pools.

 The awards provided three categories and the winners were:



Category A - Domestic Outdoor Pools


Diffazur Piscines  

GOLD: Diffazur Piscines based in France (Saint Laurent du Var), headed by M. and Mrs Benielli.


Built on the roof of a very modern home, this beautiful geometric shaped swimming is carved into the rocks. It features a large infinity edge in Carrara marble overlooking a lush vegetation valley. Designed in a very limited space, the pool takes advantage of the different roof levels: on the first one, the pool and a wooden terrace and on the other, a nice solarium.



SILVER ex aequo: Italpool based in Italy, headed by Yvano Pelosin.


This pool has an irregular layout because of the stairs outside the main form which is rectangular. The wooden deck is above the water about 10 cm, despite this the pool doesn't use skimmer for water circulation. One side and part of another side are glass made and the water overflow over them for move into the balance tank. The 2 glass side are joined to create an overflow glass corner of water. The pool also has an illumination colour system that can change the colour of the water and of the glass corner too.

Rainer Köppen Swimmbad  

SILVER ex aequo: Rainer Köppen Swimmbad technik e. K. based in Germany headed by M. Rainer Köppen.




SILVER ex aequo: Aquarêve Piscines based in France headed by Catherine Martin.


Wonderful overflow swimming pool on glass wall. Reinforced concrete structure. Sloped bottom, Facing made of marble. Sand filtration, audible alarm.


Category B - Domestic Indoor Pools


Steel and Style  

GOLD: Steel and Style based in France, headed by M and Mrs Duffau.


This steel mirror swimming pool is built in a castle extension and designed by an architect. Once the stainless steel panels were prepared in a workshop near Bordeaux and transported and assembled on site. A hydro massage floor and a succession of massage jets complement the pool for relaxation and delight of the whole family. There is also bespoke mood lighting and spot lighting as designed by the customer themselves.

SSF Schwimmbad Gmbh   SILVER: SSF Schwimmbad Gmbh based in Germany, represented by (Frank Deuss and Thomas Alberding).

BRONZE: BWT POOL based in Austria, headed by Bernadette NAGL and represented by Stefan Ettinger.


The pool is a training swimming pool for a young professional swimmer placed in the owner private house with an outstanding architectural approach. Colour changing system for different woods. Time measurement, digital display, two starting bases.


Category C - Domestic Spas


Tanby SV  

GOLD: Tanby SV based in England, headed by Martin and Delyse Borley.


As this feature was designed primarily as a water feature we were able to introduce movement and light by the split level pool and spa with a waterfall. The LED lighting and varying speed pumps add interest day and night, changing the mood and energy of the surrounding area.
Wall jets and lower suction fittings along with booster pumps, blowers and spa side controls and a remote control system let the client have push button control of the lighting within the pool, waterfall, spa heat up and the colour change lighting within the spa.

RE-HE   SILVER: RE-HE Schwimmbadbau GmbH and co based in Germany.
John Preston  

BRONZE: John Preston based in England, headed by John Preston.




Category D – Domestic Hot tubs


Tarvel Piscines  

GOLD: Tarvel Piscines based in France, represented by Emmanuel Mony.


Five persons hot tub installed in a sandstone terrace. It offers an incredible 43 jets that relieved tension in targeted areas including back, neck, shoulders and calves. Wireless remote control with touch screen technology to adjust jets, lighting and music.

Piscines Arrosage Lefebvre  

SILVER: Piscines Arrosage Lefebvre based in France, headed by Philippe Lefebvre.


Special hot tub made in Germany with 2 turbojets. All the technical equipment are American. Placed on a beach.

Riviera hot tubs  

BRONZE: Riviera hot tubs based in England, represented by Robin Cranston.


This tub was required to be installed in luxury Swiss ski chalet at 8ft which was a challenge in itself as the team builds 5-7ft tubs. The weather was difficult and time was pushed as the tub was due before the ski season. Riviera Hot Tubs took that challenge and built an exquisite and luxurious Hot Tub which is now used as an image to advertise the Swiss ski chalet.


Category E – Above ground swimming pools


Steel and Style  

GOLD: Steel and Style based in France, headed by M. and MRS Duffau.


This stainless steel above ground swimming pool is installed on a roof of a flat overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

SAS Lermite  

SILVER: SAS LERMITE based in France, headed by Jean Lermite.


ZENDO is a new swimming pool kit that can be set up totally above ground, partly buried or totally buried, and that is also a perfect choice for sloping grounds.

No strut is needed on the outside of the pool to ensure its stability when assembled above the ground as well as when set up in the ground, and then the ground work is reduced to the minimum.

Home Counties  


BRONZE: Home Counties based in England, represented by Mr Trusson.


Whilst simplistic in its design, the customer’s design has learnt itself to the provision of an aesthetically pleasing home pool environment.
How a good quality above ground pool installation can be represented, with some complimentary landscaping, an excellent option with regards to provision of a good sized pool with heating at an often affordable price. This simple but effective design and installation has created an extension to the client’s outdoor living space and reflects the value that these pools play in the concept of owning a pool.

The awards are the first time a European wide event has been organised by EUSA, showcasing the best examples of construction, design and innovation.

Founded in 2006, EUSA is registered in Brussels and spearheaded by the current President Philippe BACH. With an objective of, strengthening and coordinating the spirit of European unity between all its members and the voice of craftsmen, trade, wholesalers and the wet leisure industry across Europe.

Joëlle Pulinx Challet, Managing Director of the French Swimming Pool Federation commented: “We were thrilled by this year’s results proving incredibly popular and creating tough decisions for the judges, with a shortlist of 86 entries across 5 categories with 2 new categories. Joëlle continues This year 7 countries provided photos and documents and 7 countries judged the propositions. The excellent work displayed by our members defines the industry and celebrates the exceptional standards of our members and their professionalisms. I am sure that consumers across Europe can be secure in the knowledge that a company with national association members of EUSA approval are a business of trust and superior standards”. The future European standards will reinforce this knowledge and rules of arts.

Moving forward for 2015 the influence of EUSA and the combined support of its membership countries are sure to have a fantastic impact on the industry. The message is clear in providing wet leisure companies across Europe with a reason to celebrate their achievements and the opportunity to promote pool and spa equipment as a lifestyle choice to consumers with a message that excites and inspires.