showroom JAkarta

Showroom of Jakarta



After opening a showroom in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, SolidPool, the pool manufacturer, pursues its conquest in Asia with the opening of a showroom in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

This new sales outlet is the first of a series of three store openings planned in Indonesia.

This manufacturer of modular formwork also developed a new compact filter block for pools recently, and thanks to its know-how, counts on validating other partnerships in the near future in Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand in particular.

SolidPool's exports have been growing over the last 5 years in the Middle East (UAE and Qatar) and especially in Southeast Asia, where the company builds residential pools, pools for hotels and tourist homes.

If, in the very hot countries of the Middle East, the chosen option for covering the SolidPool structure is tiling because of climatic conditions, in Southeast Asia on the contrary, liners are used for coating because the risks of earthquakes there are higher.



Showroom JAkarta SHowroom Jakarta

Showroom of Jakarta