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Recent European standard EN 16401 has confirmed the fundamental criteria for purity required for sodium chloride treatment of swimming pool water, the lifetime of electrodes and prevention of stains on surfaces. This standard has been in force since 23 November 2013.

New standard EN 16401

So as to prevent the use of any sodium chloride product which is unsuitable for treatment of swimming pool water, the EN 16401 standard has been implemented.

Just as sodium chloride pastels used for softening, the European Committee for Standardization has defined the EN 16401 standard named "Sodium chloride used with electrochlorinator systems", which is part of the catalogue of standards for chemicals used for the treatment of swimming pool water.

This standard sets forth the criteria for physical-chemical purity adapted to requirements of electrolysis of sodium chloride used in swimming pool water.


pastilles coussinetsAs well as setting forth the characteristics for purity of sodium chloride (a minimum of 99.4% of NaCl for quality A), maximum concentration limits are set for certain metals such as Copper, Iron and Manganese. These may cause a reduction in the lifetime of electrodes, orstains on the surface of the swimming pool basin.


Additionally, the standard prohibits the presence of anticaking agents (E535 or E536) in sodium chloride for swimming pool water. This anti-caking agent, used for instance in the storage of table salt so as to avoid re-crystallisation into a block of salt, is present in fine salts, large crystal salts and certain salt pastels. When dissolved in water, a salt containing the anti-caking agent could release hexacyanoferrate ions, which can also stain the basin and equipment.





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Sodium chloride for swimming pools produced by the French firm les Salins du Midi already adheres to this standard.

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