L to R Liliana Stewart,
Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D.

and Silvia Uribe

Photo Courtesy NSPF



The National Swimming Pool Foundation® will relocate Silvia Uribe, International Business Manager, to Europe from the U.S. office in Colorado Springs, Colorado effective March 17, 2014 to better support mission focused training around the world. Pool and spa professionals from over 81 countries have taken NSPF® training courses. At this time, NSPF has more than 120 instructors outside the United States who teach with NSPF materials.

“We are honoured that professionals across the planet recognize and request NSPF training materials to help them better protect children, parents, employees, and facilities. It makes sense to have a key executive with unique cultural, educational, and pool and spa experience like Silvia working and living closer to those we serve,” said Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D, CEO of the non-profit National Swimming Pool Foundation.

“This relocation represents NSPF's commitment to continue providing top quality support to our international partners, who trust our world-leading educational courses for operators, service companies, and health officials,” explained Ms. Uribe. “We help them provide healthier and safer pools which translates into having pools open for families to enjoy.”