Primelab 1.0 mutitestThe newly launched “PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest” photometer of Pool-i.d. (Germany and UK), which is - according to the company - the only photometer with just one sensor and one LED to cover 400 different wavelengths simultaneously, received the  award by the committee of the Piscina Barcelona fair in October 2013.


The Commendation was given for reaching 2nd place of 72 different products which have been originally registered.


The device connects automatically and quickly with a Windows PC to synchronise test data with the PrimeLab software, which also allows the user to activate additional parameters on the device by entering a code.

One key feature of the software is that the user can enter its own water treatment chemicals for the software then to calculate dosage recommendations, based on those chemicals and the test results synchronised before.

Test results and dosage recommendations can be printed then exported to PDF, Word or Excel.

POOL - ID Stand barcelona



The PrimeLab and reagents are all made in Germany and UK and guarantee for reliable and accurate water testing.

Currently, more than 80 different test methods are implemented on the PrimeLab with more to follow and easily added by entering a code.

Manufactured by German based Pool-i.d. GmbH, developing and producing water testing equipment and reagents for more than a decade, the PrimeLab stands for the latest technology and high tech made in Germany.


Piscina BCN Innovation award