After three months of competition, 88 pool builders from 24 countries (as against 9 countries in 2012) participated in the 2nd International Pool Competition on the Internet organized by our magazine


Voting took place exclusively on the Internet at the following address: Only private outdoor pools were selected to participate in this competition. 

Some of them lit up at night, and others in the sunshine, these pools exemplified the extent of the expertise of international pool constructors, and highlighted their beauty.  The winner  received the second iPool2013 Trophy in Barcelona on our stand during the 2013 exhibition. 


le gagnant du concours iPool gagnant du concours iPool



Pool Stones by Sofikitis

The photograph shows the award-winning pool - a realization by the Greek constructor Piscinity, submitted by the Greek manufacturer of marble copings and paving stones - POOL STONES BY SOFIKITIS (constructor Piscinity) with 2,387 votes.


Pool Stones by Sofikitis

Pool Stones by Sofikitis















The 41 nominees gathered a total of 7,868 votes; the countries that participated were:  France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal, New Zealand, Iran, China, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, India, Mauritius, Slovakia, Cyprus, United States, Romania, Mexico and Jordan.


The second, Janfri Enterprises Ltd., a company from Cyprus, obtained 1,842 votes.



Janfri Enterprises Ltd



The third was the French manufacturer Aster Pool Creation Pool and Garden, with 1,259 votes.


Aster Pool Creation Piscine et Jardin


IPool2013 thank you for your many votes and give you an appointment for

IPool 2014

from March 31, 2014