BIO-SEA Type ApprovedAccording to the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments and in compliance with the G8 IMO Guidelines, BIO-UV, the European UV water treatment specialist, is awarded the Type Approval from Bureau Veritas,on behalf of the French Administration, for its Ballast Water Treatment Systems BIO-SEA®.

BIO-SEA® by BIO-UV BWTS combine mechanical filtration and UV disinfection.
BIO-SEA® works without chemical products and provides 2 filtration options, both of which are type approved. The system is modular and is available from 50 to 6000 m3/hour.


The whole certification process and certificate are available HERE.


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For general and corporate information, contact Benoît Gillmann, BIO-UV / BIO-SEA CEO: