gagnant iPool 2012

piscine gagnante iPool 2012










The IPool2012 Contest, the first international swimming pool competition on the Internet, organized by, was a resounding success! In fact, this web encounter generated more than 10,000 visits per month, recorded 60 participants from 9 different countries with a collection of 150 beautiful pool photos. The winner of this first edition, the Ukrainian company LLC WATER WORLD WINDOW, received its iPool2012 trophy during the Piscine exhibition in Lyon.


A trophy that came with an iPhone and a one-year advertising contract worth €10,000 on our media supports and! 


With such an encouraging participation, iPool will be back in 2013, from 31st March to 31st July. The rules and the prizes will be identical.


1 iPhone 4s

as well as 1 year of


advertising campaign


on media and


valued at € 10 000


You also can find details of the contest on our Facebook page. Remember that the contest is open only to Pool professionals. Find all the contest rules on and try your luck with your finest family-pool creations ... And do not forget to ask all your friends to vote...


iPool Trophy ceremony on stand at PISCINE 2012 - LYON Show:


stand EuroSpaPoolNews

Loïc BIAGINI and Michele RAVIZZA opening

the award ceremony

remise du trophée

Vanina BIAGINI awarding the trophy to the winner


le gagnant avec Didier Cassini

Didier CASSINI (Opiocolor): the artist offering his

art work in gage

trophée iPool2012

The trophy: a box covered of a mosaic of ceramics


Dronov DMYTRO et Didier CASSINI

Dronov DMYTRO the winner and Didier CASSINI

Dronov DMYTRO et Ishtvan KOKHAN

Dronov DMYTRO (left) and Ishtvan KOKHA

invités à la cérémonie

Also were present Andrey BALOG from Russian magazine BANBAS and CEO of the Argentine magazine

invités à la cérémonie

Ute Wanschura, from BSW, with Dietmar Rogg from Schmalenberger, Dieter C. Rangol from BSW

and Frank  Eisele, WWS-Eisele UGmbH